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10 Best Heated Boot & Shoe Insole Reviews

Hotronic Foot S4+ Universal Upgraded Version Outrek 2 Electric Heated Insoles- Rechargeable Battery, Remote Controlled, Foot
Hotronic Footwarmer S4 Universal Boot HeaterOutrek II Heated Insoles for BootsUpstartech Heated Insoles

Looking for a way to warm up your feet this winter? You need a pair of heated boots. More specifically, a pair of heated insoles that fit inside a regular pair of boots. Since no reputable company makes heated boots anymore, rechargeable heated insoles are a great alternative. We took into account user reviews, warmth, and price when finding the top ten best heated boot insoles available.


Originally designed for skiers and snowboarders, these universal boot heaters and fully customizable and transferable. They can be trimmed down to your liking and are compatible with any size shoe. There is a cut-out on the bottom of the insole for the heating element, allowing it to sit closer to the foot for maximum warmth.

If you have a pair of custom orthotics you’d like to continue using, then you want Hotronic’s other version of heated insoles, the Hotronic S4 Custom Footwarmers.

There are four heat output settings that are controlled from the buttons on the batteries. They last around six hours on the highest setting, and significantly longer on the lowest setting. These are the warmest boot heaters on the market and one of the few pairs we recommend for freezing temperatures.

Key Features
Built for extremely cold temperatures
Trimmable insole to fit any size boots
Cut-out on bottom places heating element closer to foot
Four heat output settings

Style: Men and Women
Type: Heated
Material: Soft Foam


If you prefer a heated insole that’s easy to install, these Outrek II boot heaters are built for convenience. The rechargeable batteries are thin and built directly into the heel for a slim design.

The charging cable has two connections that plug into the heel ports, allowing for dual charging to save time. There’s no need to cut or measure any wires – just slip the insoles in your boots and you’re ready to go.

With the included key fob remote, you can control the temperature with the press of a button. These electric foot warmers can last up to six hours on the lowest setting, and the three adjustable heat modes allow you to dial in the perfect warmth for your feet.

Key Features
Wireless remote control key fob
Three thermal heat settings at up to 130ºF
Batteries built into insole
Dual charging capability

Style: Men and Women
Type: Wireless, Heated


Topping out at 118ºF, these aren’t the warmest insoles available, but you’ll definitely get the most bang for your buck.

They’re made of soft, comfortable EVA foam that can be trimmed down to your shoe size. The batteries are built into the heel of the insole and are charged via USB. They have three heat settings and can last up to eight hours on the lowest setting.

These are great if you like the portability and convenience of a wireless remote. They don’t get warm enough for sub zero temperatures, but they’re good for getting the chill out when you’re hiking or shoveling snow.

Key Features
Wireless remote control
Fits any size – men or women
FAR infrared heating technology
Soft and comfortable EVA foam

Style: Men and Women
Type: Wireless, Heated
Material: Soft EVA Foam


These Thermacell Proflex boot warmers are unique in that the rechargeable batteries are completely removable. Most heated insoles have the battery built right into the heel. If the batteries were to die in those, then that’s it.

With these Thermacell heated boot insoles, you can buy an extra pair of batteries and bring them with you. That way if your batteries die, you can just swap in the extra pair and still have heat.

Previous versions of Thermacell insoles were very rigid and not very forgiving. This ProFlex model is very flexible and comfortable. They bend with your boots and don’t feel awkward.

The wireless remote is small in size and controls the two main heat settings. They can last up to five hours on a single charge, but it’s best to bring a second pair of batteries just in case. These are the only heated boot warmers available that have wireless capable removable batteries.

Key Features
Water resistant material
Wireless remote control
Batteries can be removed without removing insole from boot
Trim to size

Style: Men and Women
Type: Wireless, Heated
Material: Polyethylene


ActionHeat has made a name for themselves in the heated gear industry. They make quality, affordable products that work great. Their insoles are no different.

With an ultra-thin, lightweight design, they’re comfortable and unobtrusive. They are designed for both men and women and can be trimmed down to size for a perfect fit. The batteries are built into the heel and can be dual charged to cut down on charging time.

They are capable of reaching a whopping 140ºF and can last up to eight hours. The key fob remote control attaches to your key ring so you’ll never lose it. These are a great pair of heated boot warmers from a great brand.

Key Features
Temperatures of up to 140ºF
Can last up to eight hours
Ultra-thin, lightweight design
Wireless remote control

Style: Men and Women
Type: Wireless, Heated


Jingou Battery Powered Heated Insole Boot Warmers

The surface of these insoles are made of soft, comfortable velvet and the padding is made of cushiony Osley foam. It’s breathable, absorbs moisture, and has antibacterial and odor resistant properties. The foam padding helps with high impact movements from physical activities like hiking or jogging.

The batteries are built into the heels and are charged with a USB cable. There are three heat settings that are controlled with a key fob remote and can get up to 143ºF. They’re nothing fancy, but they’re affordable and effective.

Key Features
Shock absorption foam material is easier on feet
High temperature of 143ºF keep your toes warm
Remote control key fob
Soft and flexible for maximum comfort

Style: Men and Women
Type: Wireless, Heated
Material: Osley Foam


What could be better than a memory foam mattress? A memory foam mattress for your feet! Beneath the soft mesh fabric exterior, these boot warmers use a memory foam sponge for maximum comfort. Elderly people or anyone with arthritis will benefit from the shock absorbing material and anti-skid design.

They use rechargeable external batteries that are strapped to the leg and plug in to the insole. The adjustable heat settings can get up to around 131ºF and last up to six hours. Although it’s not wireless, we think the comfort of the memory foam design more than makes up for it.

Key Features
Comfortable memory sponge
Designed for maximum shock absorption
Can be cut to size to ensure the perfect fit
Great for Raynaud’s Disease or arthritis

Style: Men and Women
Type: Leg Strap, Heated
Material: Memory Foam


Similar to the memory foam inserts, these are made with pure merino wool and sheepskin. They’re extremely soft to the touch and they’d make for great insoles even without the heating element.

The wool top is cushioned with shock absorbing wool felt underneath, giving relief to joint pain and arthritis. The bottom layer is made with bamboo charcoal, which gives it moisture absorbing and deodorizing properties.

They’re powered by rechargeable batteries that can last up ten hours on the lowest setting. And just like the memory foam inserts, these are attached to the ankle with a strap and does not have wireless capabilities. But if your main concern is comfort, you can’t go wrong these heated wool insoles.

Key Features
Wool faux fur exterior
Batteries last up to ten hours
Bamboo charcoal deodorization technology
Breathable and absorbs moisture

Style: Men and Women
Type: Leg Strap, Heated
Material: Wool


It’s not always easy remembering to keep your heated boots charged after every use. Luckily, HotHands makes single-use foot warmers. If you’re familiar with their hand warmers then you know how well they work.

They’re ultra thin and have adhesive on one side. We found that it’s best to either stick them to the outside of your socks or to just place them inside your boots without removing the adhesive cover.

They can last for up to nine hours and can get very hot, so we recommend that you avoid sticking them directly to your skin for safety reasons.

These foot warmers are good in a pinch, but they’re single-use and not reusable. They do, however, make for a great backup to regular heated boots.

Key Features
Disposable – no recharging
Ultra-thin and comfortable
Safe, natural heat
Air activated and odorless

Style: Men and Women
Type: Disposable, Heated


If you hunt then you know how cold it can get sitting in a deer blind. Your toes are the first to feel it, followed by the rest of your body. These boot warmers help keep your toes circulated and feeling warm.

They have three heat settings that are controlled through a smartphone app. These are the only heated insoles we reviewed that use an app instead of a key fob – and we think it’s great. By not using a key fob, you won’t accidentally jingle your keys and make a bunch of noise every time you want to change the heat setting. Just silently pull out your phone and change it to your liking.

These max out at 110ºF, and though they aren’t the hottest boot warmers available, they get the chill out of your boots so that you can focus on what matters.

Key Features
Bluetooth enabled smartphone app
Camouflage design
Can be trimmed down to size
Battery operated heat lasts up to seven hours

Style: Men and Women
Type: Hunting, Wireless, Heated
Material: Polyurethane

How To Find The Best Heated Boot Insoles – Buying Guide

men's boots outside with pine trees in background

What Are Heated Boots?

Heated boots are just like regular boots but with a heating element built into the insole. There are buttons on the boot that turn the heating element on and off and control the adjustable heat output. Companies are producing just the heated insoles now, making heated boots obsolete. Unlike heated boots, heated insoles are transferable and can be used with all of your footwear.

How Do Heated Boots Work?

There are heating elements located under the insoles that are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The batteries are connected to a controller (either wirelessly or manually) that can change the heat output settings.

Who Makes Heated Boots?

Columbia used to have a line of heated boots called the Bugathermo Heated Boots for men and the Snow Hottie for women. There were also the Wenger Boar Heated Boots. Unfortunately, these have been out of stock for years. A great alternative are heated insoles. They slide into any style boot and are a safe and effective way to keep them heated for hours.

Who Should Buy Heated Boots?

  • Hikers. There’s nothing more beautiful than hiking during the fall when the leaves are changing colors. The only problem is that it can get quite cold. With heated boots, you won’t have to cut your hikes short anymore. You’ll be able to last a lot longer in the elements, allowing you to enjoy nature and not have to worry about cold toes anymore.
  • Hunters. Sitting motionless in a tree stand before sunrise is a surefire way to get frozen feet. The last thing you want to do is move around to get warm – you’re liable to scare the game off. Heated boots keep your feet warm so you can hunt in comfort.
  • Skiers. If you don’t have a pair of heated ski boots, then heated insoles are a great way to warm up your feet in extremely cold weather. Not only will you be able to last longer on the mountain, but having heated feet and warm toes increases mobility and performance.
  • Diabetics and Raynaud’s Sufferers. One of the biggest reasons toes get cold is because of poor circulation. Having a heating element inside your boots will help jump-start your circulatory system and keep your extremities feeling warm.


man with boots standing in leaves

We hope that this review has helped you find the best heated boot and shoe insoles. As you can see, there are plenty to choose from, each with their own unique features.

The best overall is the Hotronic S4 boot heater. They have four heat settings, they’re built for extremely cold weather, and they can be trimmed to fit any boot size.

The next best thing is the Outrek II boot insoles. The batteries are built into the insole for a sleek design, they can reach up to 130ºF, and they can be controlled with a wireless key fob.

The best bang for your buck is the Upstartech heated insoles. They’re built with comfortable EVA foam, they implement pain-relieving FAR heating technology, and they are also controlled with a wireless remote control.

If none of these heated boot insoles fit your needs, then we also gave you seven great alternatives to choose from. Thanks for reading and stay warm out there!