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4 Best Heated Rugs (Reviews & Buying Guide)


Woo Warmer Hot Carpet Under Rug Radiant Floor Heater Electric

RugBuddy Speedheat 500 Under Rug Space Heater (7' 9" x
Cozy Toes Carpeted Foot Warming Heater Mat, 70-Watt Heated Warming
Woo Warmer Hot CarpetSpeedheat RugBuddy Under Rug HeaterCozy Toes Carpeted Foot Warmer

If you’ve ever walked barefoot through a chilly house then you know how cold and uncomfortable your feet can get. Luckily, heated rugs are a thing. Not only do they keep your toes nice and toasty, but they produce radiant heat as well, essentially doubling as a space heater. We reviewed the top four heated rug mats to help you make an informed buying decision. We considered price, size, and warmth in order to find the best of the best.


Unlike other heated rug mats that require a rug and a rug pad, the Woo Warmer is a self-contained unit. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about the heat damaging your flooring underneath. You’ll also be saving money because you won’t need to buy a separate rug pad.

Made in the USA with high quality materials, it’s durable and can withstand furniture and other objects. The internal heating elements warm the entire surface area of the rug and produce radiant heat to help relieve cold feet and sore backs.

It comes in three sizes and has a very thin profile, making it an extremely versatile heater that can either lay under an existing rug or be used as a surface level heating pad that is safe to the touch. The auto-shutoff features turns the rug off after six hours of use to prevent overheating.

Key Features
Made in USA
Self-contained heating pad
Adjustable temperature control
Multiple sizes

Available Sizes: [33” x 72”] [70” x 70”] [76.5” x 92”]
Power: 120V
Wattage: Varies by size


The RugBuddy is a great way to get the feeling of floor heating for a fraction of the price. With six different size options and a portable design, you can place them nearly anywhere in the house – in the family room, under a desk, in the basement, or even in the hallway.

Heat output and power consumption vary by rug size, but for reference, the largest heating mat (63” x 93”) uses 500 watts of power and puts out 1,700 BTUs while the smallest mat (22” X 34”) consumes just 65 watts and produces 220 BTUs.

Regardless of size, the surface heat on each mat is equal to one another. You’ll feel the same warmth on your feet whether you walk across the smallest mat or the largest mat. If you’d like it to double as a small space heater, then you’ll want the largest mat you can get, as it produces the most BTUs.

Note: A separate rug pad underneath the heater is required to prevent floor damage. And since there’s no on/off switch, we recommend a programmable thermostat and timer.

Key Features
Energy efficient
Withstands furniture
Lots of sizes

Available Sizes: [63” x 93”] [58” x 81”] [34” x 58”] [22” x 34”] [22” x 89”]
Power: 120V
Wattage: Varies by size


The Cozy Toes carpeted foot warmer is a great option if you want the feeling of a heated rug but don’t need it to be very big. Its portable size not only makes it easy to move around your home or office, but it means that it’s much more affordable than a standard sized electric rug.

It uses just 70 watts of power and gets up to around 105ºF, saving you money in heating costs and keeping your toes nice and toasty while you’re on your computer or sitting on the couch.

Disclaimer: There have been several instances of units overheating. As of now, this is the only small carpeted heater on the market.

Key Features
Soft and comfortable
Energy Efficient

Size: [17.75” x 17.75”]
Power: 120V
Wattage: 70


While it’s true that no company currently makes a heated bath mat, there is a simple solution. By placing this small electric mat underneath a thin bath mat or towel, you’ll be one of the lucky few to experience a heated bath mat when you step out of the shower or bath.

With a waterproof rubber shell, it’s completely safe to use in a bathroom, garage, or anywhere else there may be moisture. When it’s laying on a room temperature floor, the mat itself can reach temperatures of up to 130ºF. Placing it on a cold floor or laying a bath mat or towel on top of it will reduce its maximum temperature, but in most cases it will still be warm enough.

Since it does not have an auto-shutoff sensor, we highly recommend that you purchase a separate timer for the unit, especially if you’re going to be laying a mat or towel on top of it.

Key Features
Fits under a bath mat
Durable rubber
Reaches 130ºF

Size: [21” x 14”]
Power: 120V
Wattage: 90

How To Find The Best Heated Rug – Buying Guide

pile of rugs

Who should buy a heated rug?

  • Diabetics. High blood sugar caused by diabetes can lead to constricted arteries and, in some cases, nerve damage. The reduction in blood flow to the extremities is what causes cold hands and feet. Diabetic socks are great at retaining body heat, but sometimes it’s not enough. An electric rug produces more than enough heat to warm chilly feet.
  • Raynaud’s disease. If you suffer from Raynaud’s disease, you know that keeping your hands and feet warm is a necessity. Battery heated socks are a great choice when venturing outside, but putting them on and keeping them charged can be inconvenient for indoor use. On the other hand, a heated mat gets warm with the flick of a switch and heats the entire surface area of the rug. Your feet will stay warm no matter where you stand.
  • Homeowners in cold climates. If you live in a colder area then you know how chilly your house can get in the winter, especially in an old, drafty home. A heated rug acts as a space heater by producing radiant heat, which helps cut heating costs by allowing you to lower your furnace.

How Does It Work?

A heated floor mat lays flat directly under the rug of your choice and plugs into a standard wall outlet. The electricity from the wall powers a series of interconnected metal coils in the interior of the mat. The coils warm up and give off radiant heat, both warming the rug itself and heating the immediate surrounding area.


Since heated rugs come in a variety of sizes, they’re going to produce different amounts of radiant heat. For the products in this review, the surface temperature of the mats varies between 100ºF and 130ºF, which is the perfect temperature range for heating cold feet without getting too hot.

With exception to the Woo Warmer, the remaining heated rugs do not have a temperature control setting on them. Fortunately, you can pick up a programmable thermostat that allows you to set the desired temperatures of when you’d like the rug to automatically turn on or off.


  • Energy efficient. Unlike a typical space heater that uses up to 1,500 watts of power, most heated floor mats consume less than 500 watts. By using just 1/3 of the electricity, you’ll see a huge savings on your heating bill.
  • No installation. There are zero installation costs when it comes to heated rugs – just plug it in and you’re done. This is much cheaper than the alternative of installing radiant floor heating under your floors, which can cost thousands of dollars and take days to complete.


Heated rugs are one of the safest ways to heat a small area. It’s powered by electricity and there is no combustion process, which means it does not produce carbon monoxide or pollutants whatsoever. It’s 100% clean and safe for the environment. Some have an auto-shutoff safety switch that automatically turns the unit off after a certain amount of time to prevent overheating. A timer should be purchased for rugs that don’t have an auto-shutoff feature in order to prevent accidental fires.


brown rug in house

We hope that this review has helped you find the best heated rug for your needs. As you can see, there are plenty to choose from, each with their own unique features and sizes.

The best overall is the Woo Warmer Hot Carpet. It’s a self-contained heating pad, it’s made in the USA, and has an adjustable temperature control.

The next best thing is the SpeedHeat RugBuddy. It comes in a ton of sizes, it’s waterproof, and it’s energy efficient.

The best bang for your buck is the Cozy Toes carpeted foot warmer. It’s soft and comfortable, portable, and more importantly, affordable.

The best heated bath mat is the Cozy super foot warmer. It’s waterproof, it fits under a bath mat, and it reaches temperatures of up to 130ºF.

A heated rug is a great addition to any home and we hope that we were able to help you!