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5 Best Heated Vest Reviews (Men & Women)

Thinking of buying a heated vest, but not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re out hiking, riding a motorcycle, or just doing yard work, a good heated vest will keep you warm for hours while also allowing for maximum mobility. We have carefully reviewed dozens of the best, warmest, and highest quality rechargeable heated vests for both men and women. We considered price, design, and user reviews to narrow the list down to our top five picks.


If you’re looking for a stylish way to stay warm outside, then the Lightweight Ororo Heated Vest for Men is the way to go. Our favorite feature of this vest is its versatility. It’s made of lightweight nylon which allows for unrestricted movement of the arms. So no matter what activity you’re doing outside, you won’t have a giant coat getting in your way.

The nylon material also means it’s water and wind resistant. Even though heated vests are safe to get wet, no one wants to be stuck wearing soggy clothing because it happened to rain. This vest wicks away water and blocks wind, keeping you warm and dry. And because of its slim design, it can also be worn under your favorite hoodie or jacket for an extra layer of warmth during those extra cold days.

The Ororo heated vest is powered by a 7.4v UL certified battery and is located near the lower back so it won’t get in your way. The heating elements are made of high quality carbon fiber and are located on the collar, the upper back, and under both front pockets. The heating panels under the pockets keep your hands from freezing if you decide to not wear gloves. Just unzip the pockets and press them against the panel for instant relief.

Another great feature is the heated collar. Most lower-end vests don’t have a heating element in the collar, but the Ororo does. Pulling the collar close to your neck on a cold and windy day is a great way to get rid of that chill.

There are three heat output settings on this electric vest. The lowest setting reaches a temperature of 100ºF and lasts around ten hours. The middle setting reaches 120ºF and lasts for six hours. The highest setting can get up to 130ºF but only lasts three hours. Unless you plan on wearing this in the dead of winter, the medium or low setting would be ideal.

The Lightweight Ororo Heated Vest for Men also has the convenience factor going for it. It has a USB port for your cell phone so you’ll never have to worry about your phone dying when you’re away from home. It also has the newer USB-C port for fast-charging the battery. Typical batteries would be limited to 12W of power when charging, but USB-C can charge up to 100W, which means lightning fast charging times. And to top it all off, it’s machine washable! Though, we don’t recommend rolling around in the mud.

Key Features
Sleek and stylish
Water and wind resistant material
Built-in smartphone charger
Heated pockets


The Milwaukee Heated Vest M12 Axis Kit is recommended for anyone who does a lot of yard work or works outside. It’s constructed of compressible ripstop polyester and has reinforced high-wear zones which protect against abrasions and tears. The arm holes are lined with elastic, keeping the vest snug and not allowing any cold air to sneak through. It’s clear that flexibility, comfort, and durability was of utmost importance for Milwaukee when designing this vest.

The M12 Axis kit comes with the heated vest and a Milwaukee M12 compact battery pack and charger. The battery pack connects to a wire in the back of the vest and zips up into an enclosed pocket. It also has two front pockets and an inner pocket with a sturdy lining. The pockets are nice and deep with enough room for a hat and gloves. It’s also worth mentioning that the zipper is of very high quality. A lot of manufacturers will cut corners, so it’s nice to see Milwaukee paying attention to the details.

The Milwaukee heated vest also does a great job at keeping your core warm. The quick-heat function heats the vest in just 2.5 minutes – over three times faster than previous versions. The heating panels are located on the chest and upper back. It may not seem like it would get warm enough with only two panels, but when you’re working outside and moving around it’s more than enough. It’s also a good idea to lower the heat setting once you’re warm. You never want to break a sweat in cold weather and risk hypothermia.

If you wear this vest outside when you’re working then it’s bound to get dirty. Luckily, it’s machine washable. We recommend spot cleaning any stains before running it through the wash. The ripstop polyester also means that this rechargeable vest is wind resistant and water resistant (not waterproof). Since it’s made of polyester and not nylon, it dries much quicker.

Key Features
Wind and water resistant ripstop material
Reinforced areas protect against tears and abrasions
Quick-heat function gets warm 3x faster
Machine washable


If you’re on a budget but still want all the warming features of a high quality vest, then the Vinmori USB Heated Vest is right up your alley. It’s a unisex, one-size-fits all battery heated vest. The size can be adjusted by zipping open panels on the sides of the garment for the perfect fit. The exposed panels don’t look great, but seeing as how this is a budget buy, style and appearance have been sacrificed for practicality and convenience.

But what the Vinmori USB Heated Vest lacks in style it more than makes up for in heating features. Made from carbon fiber heating wire and insulated with a layer of waterproof fabric, the three heating panels on the back will keep you warm for hours. While most vests only have three heat settings, this heated vest has five. No more switching back and forth between two settings. Vinmori has made it easy to find the perfect temperature.

Unlike the higher end brands, this vest does not come with a battery pack. You will need to purchase a power bank separately. We recommend a 10000 mAh power bank, which will keep this vest heated for around eight hours. But if you really want this vest to last all day on any heat setting, then we suggest you pick up a 20000 mAh power bank or larger. If you already own a power bank then you can use that to cut down on costs. Just make sure it has a USB 2.0 port so that it’s compatible with this vest.

One big downside to most machine washable heated vests is that they are only rated for around 50 total washes. The Vinmori USB Heated Vest knocks the competition out of the water and is rated for over 1,000 cycles through the washer. If you plan on keeping this electric vest for a long time (and we suggest you do) then not having to replace your heated vest every 50 washes is a great way to save money in the long run. It’s truly the best choice for the price-savvy shopper.

Key Features
Adjustable sizing
Five temperature control settings
Rated for 1,000+ washes


It should come as no surprise that Ororo is on our top five list again, this time with the Ororo Lightweight Heated Vest (Women’s). Their heated vests are top of the line and they certainly didn’t miss a beat with the women’s version. This vest is so thin and lightweight that it’s hard to believe it could possibly keep you warm. But it does with ease!

Unlike other bulky heated clothing, this heated vest is made of thin, lightweight nylon that looks slimming and contours to the body. The nylon material is also resistant to wind and water, a huge plus for anyone who spends a lot of time out in the elements. We all know that the weather can be unpredictable at times, so even if you get rained on, the Ororo vest will heat you to the core with its four heating panels.

The heating panels are constructed of top quality carbon fiber and smartly placed in areas that you need it the most. There are two heating panels under the pockets in the front of the vest. Not only does this keep your abdominal area warm, but it gives you the option of warming your hands too! Sometimes you need to use your hands when you’re outside but don’t want to carry around a pair of gloves. The Ororo Lightweight Heated Vest for Women comes with a built-in hand warmer so you never have to.

There is also a heating panel on the backside near the shoulders which radiates heat down your entire back. This is the most important panel for raising your core temperature and it does not disappoint. The last heating panel is located on the collar. Your neck is a sensitive area, and pulling that heated collar close to you on a chilly day makes all the difference. Even without the collar panel and the heated pockets, the Ororo warming vest would still be just as effective at keeping your core temperature up, but that’s what makes this heated vest stand out from the rest.

Did we mention that this electric vest has a charging port for your smartphone? That’s right, you’ll never have to worry about missing that perfect photo opportunity again. Just plug it into the battery’s USB port and you’re ready to go. It’s also a great safety feature to have if you’re hiking in the woods or doing any other kind of solo activity.

Key Features
Thin, slimming look
Machine washable
Weather resistant
Built-in smartphone charger


The Adjustable Arris Heated Vest is the perfect choice for outdoor activities like skiing, snowmobiling, hiking, motorcycling, hunting, fishing, and everything in between.

The heated vest is one-size-fits-all and has removable side panels of varying sizes that you simply zip into place. Unlike other adjustable heated vests, these size panel inserts look natural and seamless.

The outer shell is made of wind-resistant polyester and the inner shell is made of soft polar fleece to help trap heat. It’s the perfect combination in keeping you both dry and warm.

This came as a bit of a surprise to us when searching for the best heating vests, but the Adjustable Arris Heated Vest has a whopping eight heating panels. That’s around twice as many panels as other vests in our top five. Granted, the heating panels are smaller, but they are strategically placed to ensure even heat output throughout the vest.

And if eight heating zones weren’t enough, Arris went above and beyond and incorporated five heat output levels. With this many options, you can dial in the perfect settings for your needs.

Arris also uses Far Infrared Ray (FIR) technology to heat their vests. FIR therapy has been proven to relieve both mild and chronic pain, it helps protect against cardiovascular disease, it helps alleviate depression in people suffering from insomnia, and much more. Some reviewers mentioned that the heating pads are in the perfect spot to relieve menstrual cramps. So if you’re suffering from a sore back or any kind of muscle aches and pains, then we strongly suggest going with the Adjustable Arris Heated Vest.

It also comes with a 7.4v rechargeable LiPo battery and has an option for charging your smartphone. Remarkably, this vest has the power of reaching temperatures of up to 175ºF. We don’t recommend leaving it this high for very long, but it’s nice to know what this heated vest is capable of in a pinch.

There’s also no need to worry about it overheating, as Arris has included a built-in thermal protection module for safety measures.

Key Features
FIR heat therapy technology
Adjustable, one size fits all
Eight heating panels, five heat output settings
Reaches temperatures of up to 175ºF

How To Find The Best Heated Vest – Buying Guide

man in vest in front of mountain and river

Who should buy a heated vest?

If you’re anything like us, you can’t stand wearing a heavy coat when you’ve got something to do outside during the colder months. It’s bulky, the sleeves are constricting, and a regular vest doesn’t keep you warm enough. A rechargeable heated vest solves all of these problems. They’re lightweight, battery operated, and they allow for a full range of motion. Simply put, if you want to ditch the winter coat and still stay toasty, then a heated vest is the perfect choice.

Things to consider

A heated vest should do several things well. Here are a few important features to consider:

  • Batteries. All heated vests are powered by rechargeable batteries. A 10000 mAh (or equivalent) battery will usually last between two and ten hours on a single charge, depending on the heat setting and manufacturer. Most electric heated vests use either built-in batteries, power tool batteries, or portable power banks. The power banks come in various shapes and sizes and connect via USB port, so make sure that your rechargeable heated vest is USB compatible.
  • Heat output. Heated vests typically have three heat output settings: low, medium, and high. There are also five main heating zones: chest, abdomen, upper back, lower back, and neck. Not all heated vests offer all of these heat output settings or warming zones, so be sure to read the reviews carefully.
  • Activities. While heated jackets and other heated clothing do a good job of keeping you warm, they’re also very restrictive and make outdoor activities challenging. A heated vest with a warm flannel shirt underneath gives you the flexibility you need. It’s perfect for outside activities like camping, hiking, skiing, riding a motorcycle, or working outdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

woman in vest in the woods

Are heated vests safe?

Yes, heated vests are safe. They use a very low voltage of direct current (DC) which prevents any chance of electrical shock, even when exposed to water. They also produce very low levels of non-ionizing EMF, which is harmless to humans.

How do you use a heated vest?

Always follow the instructions from the manufacturer, but as a general rule you do the following:

  1. Unplug battery pack from vest.
  2. Charge battery.
  3. Plug fully charged battery back into vest.
  4. Put on vest and zip all zippers.
  5. Press power button on chest.
  6. Each button press changes heat output setting.

How does a heated vest work?

A heated vest contains several panels of insulated wires, all connected to each other and powered by a rechargeable battery. The low voltage from the battery generates heat when passed through the wires, which in turn heats the panels and warms your core.

Can you wash a heated vest?

Yes, you can wash a heated vest. Spot cleaning is preferred whenever possible, but sometimes you will need to run it through the washer. Be sure to follow these steps:

  1. Disconnect and remove battery.
  2. Zip up and hide loose wires.
  3. Pre-treat any stains.
  4. Put heated vest inside mesh laundry bag.
  5. Wash with cold water on a gentle cycle.
  6. Hang dry on line or lay flat on towel. Do not twist or wring.

How long do heated vests last?

Between 2 and 8 hours per charge, depending on the heat output setting. With a 10000 mAh battery, you can expect a heated vest to last around 2 hours on the highest setting and 8 hours on the lowest setting. Some batteries give you the option of charging your phone, which will affect how long your vest stays heated. If your vest is capable of using a portable power bank, you can upgrade to a larger size and double the battery life.


We hope that this review has helped you find the best heated vest. As you can see, there are plenty of vests to choose from, each with their own unique features.

The best overall is the Ororo heated vest for men. It’s sleek and stylish, water-resistant, and has a built-in smartphone charger.

The next best thing is the Milwaukee M12 Axis Kit. It’s wind and water-resistant, it has a quick-heat function, and it has reinforced areas to protect against abrasions.

The best bang for your buck is the Vinmori USB heated vest. It’s a unisex vest with adjustable sizing, it’s affordable, and it has 5 temperature control settings.

The best heated vest for women is the Ororo lightweight heated vest. It has a thin and slimming look, it’s weather resistant, and it has a built-in smartphone charger.

The best adjustable heated vest is from Arris. It uses FIR heat therapy technology, it has eight heating panels and five heat output settings, and it reaches temperatures of up to 175ºF.

If none of these heated vests fit your needs, then we also gave you 20 great alternatives to choose from. Thanks for reading and stay warm out there!