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Review: HeatTrak Residential Snow Melting Mats For Driveway

HeatTrak Heated Snow Melting Mats for Entrances - Heated Outdoor
30″ x 48″ Entrance Mat

It’s well-known that HeatTrak residential mats are the best snow-melting mats you can buy. Nothing else even comes close. In this review, we’ll find out what makes them great. We’ll go over their construction, how they work, the various models and sizes available, and how to install them.


HeatTrak residential snow-melting mats eliminate snow and ice on the spot, ensuring a safe walkway from your driveway to your front door.

They’re durable, easy to install, and there are plenty of sizes to choose from. Almost all of them can be interconnected in any combination, allowing you to create a path that’s unique to your home.


HeatTrak mats are made with customized thermoplastic, which is similar in toughness and durability to that of a car tire. The thermoplastic material is also waterproof and is designed to be left outside all winter long.

All mats have grommets built into the corners. It’s not necessary to screw them down, but it may help prevent slippage from constant use.


HeatTrak snow-melting mats generate heat by using electricity. Inside each mat, sandwiched between the thermoplastic outer shell, are large wire heating elements that generate heat when plugged into an electrical outlet.

HeatTrak mats are efficient at temperatures down to -5ºF and melt snow at a rate of 2″ per hour.

For best results, turn the mats on a half-hour before the snow is expected. This gives the mats enough time to warm up so that they can melt snow immediately on contact.

After it has finished snowing, leave the HeatTrak mats on long enough to evaporate any water that may have accumulated around the area. Otherwise, ice may form.


There are four types of residential HeatTrak mats: Walkway mats, entrance mats, stairway mats, and driveway mats.

The walkway mats and stairway mats can be interconnected in any combination, whereas the entrance mats and driveway mats are standalone.

Due to popularity and demand, HeatTrak mats sell out frequently. We’ve linked all available models below.

Walkway Mat

HeatTrak walkway mats are meant for the walk up to your front door. They come in two widths (20″, 30″) and two lengths (30″, 60″).

The narrower mats are good for a basic pathway, while the wider mats provide more room and allow side-by-side walking.

Standard LongWide LongStandard HalfWide Half
Dimensions20” x 60”30” x 60”20” x 30”30” x 30”
Amps2.5 A3.5 A1.2 A1.7 A
Cable Length4”4”4”4”

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Stairway Mat

Most heated mat companies only offer walkway mats, but HeatTrak once again stands out from the rest with their stairway mats.

They come in standard width (30″) or wide (48″) and have a depth of 10″, which should fit most stairs.

Luckily, most walkways don’t have a lot of stairs, so you may only need one or two stairway mats.



HeatTrak Heated Snow Melting Mats for Stairs - Heated Outdoor



Dimensions10” x 30”10” x 48”
Amps0.7 A1 A
Cable Length22”22”’

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Entrance Mat

Most slips and falls happen right outside the front door, so a heated entrance mat is a great way to prevent an injury.

They come in small, medium, or large sizes and plug directly into a standard outlet.

Remember, the entrance mats are standalone and do not interconnect with other mats. You will need a separate power cord and outlet if you plan on using it with walkway mats or stair mats.


HeatTrak Heated Snow Melting Mats for Entrances - Heated Outdoor


Dimensions24” x 36”30” x 48”40” x 60”
Amps1.8 A3.2 A5.5 A
Cable Length4”4”4”

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Driveway Mat

Unlike the other mats sold by HeatTrak, the driveway mats are built to withstand the weight of a vehicle.

They come in 120V or 240V versions, but the 120V is by far the most popular because it plugs into a standard outlet.

They’re 24″ wide, between 20′ – 25′ long, and are meant to be laid side-by-side as a track for your vehicle’s tires.

Since they’re standalone mats and can’t be interconnected, you’ll need to have two outlets available and two power supplies to power them both.





20′ Driveway (120V)20′ Driveway (240V)25′ Driveway (240V)30′ Driveway (240V)
Dimensions2’ x 20’2’ x 20’2’ x 25’2’ x 30’
Amps5.4 A5.4 A6.8 A8.1 A
Cable Length6’6’6’6’

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Once you start connecting mats together, you may need an extra power supply unit or a longer cable to reach an outlet. Or perhaps you’d like to turn on the mats from inside your home with a remote control.

Luckily, those accessories are available individually.


As mentioned earlier, stairway mats and walkway mats can be interconnected in any combination, so long as each power unit does not exceed 15 amps.

If you’re transitioning between stairway mats and walkway mats then you will most likely need a 20″ cable extender.

Once the mats are all connected to each other, plug them in using the 6′ power unit. A 25′ cable extender is available if your power outlet is further than 6′.

To check if the mats are configured properly, remove the light tester from the power cord and insert it into the last mat in the system. If the light comes on, then everything is working fine. Leave the light tester plugged in so you’ll know when the mats are on.

HeatTrak residential mats are safe to use on concrete, asphalt, stone, and wood decks. See the FAQ section below for use on composite decks.


Since HeatTrak mats are powered by electricity, it’s important to follow proper safety precautions.

  • Never cover the mats
  • Do not use indoors
  • Not for animals or animal houses
  • For foot traffic and wheelchairs only (except driveway mats)

Key Features
✅ No need to shovel snow
✅ Melts snow at 2″ per hour
✅ Effective at -5ºF
✅ Durable waterproof material
✅ Lots of sizes to choose from
✅ Walkway and stairway mats can be interconnected
✅ Can be used on roofs

Models: Entrance, Walkway, Stairway, Driveway
Material: Customized Thermoplastic
Warranty: 2 Year Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

question mark sign in lights

Are HeatTrak snow-melting mats safe to use on composite decks?

If your composite deck is less than three years old, then a plywood barrier between the deck and mat is recommended. Otherwise, HeatTrak mats are safe to use on composite decks.

How long do HeatTrak mats last?

Depending on how well you take care of them, HeatTrak mats can last anywhere from five years to over a decade.

If anything should go wrong with them during the first two years, then HeatTrak will replace your mats under their warranty – no questions asked.

Can I use HeatTrak mats on my roof?

HeatTrak mats can be used on your roof to eliminate or reduce the strain on your roof caused by the weight of the snow.

First, you’ll need to make use of the integrated grommets and attach the mats to your roof. With snow and ice melting, the mats tend to slip and not stay in place, especially when on an angle.

Then, you’ll need to use a 25′ HeatTrak extender cable (or two 25′ cables connected together) to run to the nearest outlet. From there, plug the extender cable into the power unit and plug the power unit into the outlet.

It’s important to plug the power unit into the outlet and not directly into the mat. Water can pool up on the roof and it’s best to not have the power unit submerged in water.

Can I use a third-party extension cord instead of a HeatTrak cable extender?

HeatTrak cable extenders are designed to be watertight, whereas third-party extension cords are not.

Since these cables are going to be outside and exposed to the elements for a long time, it’s important to only use HeatTrak cable extenders.

Third-party extension cords are a safety hazard and should be avoided when in use with HeatTrak snow-melting mats.


We hope that our HeatTrak snow-melting mat review has been helpful and informative.

With four different models to choose from (entrance, walkway, stairway, driveway) and plenty of sizes, finding the right combination for your home should be easy.

With their interconnectivity and 2″ snow-melting rate, HeatTrak residential mats truly are the best in the business.

Thanks for reading and stay warm out there!