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HECS Hunting Suit vs ScentLok Reviews & Buying Guide

HECS 3-Piece Camo Hunting SuitScentLok Hunting Gear
HECS Hunting HECStyle Lightweight System - 3-Piece Camo Suit - Scentlok Men's Revenant Windproof Fleece Insulated Jacket (Realtree Edge, Small)

HECS or ScentLok, which one is right for you? They’re two very different products that aim to achieve the same goal: avoid detection. We’ll go over the technologies they use, how they work, and how effective they are in order to help you make an informed decision.


The HECS (Human Energy Concealment System) hunting suit is surrounded by controversy. Many hunters swear by it, while others think it’s too good to be true. We’ll explain exactly what it is, what it does, and how effective it is.

How It Works

So does the HECS hunting suit work? Absolutely – and it’s backed by science.

Biomagnetism is the occurrence of magnetic fields produced by your body. Every time your heart beats or an organ functions (like your brain or liver), it emits a very small amount of electromagnetism that is imperceptible to humans.

Magnetoception is the ability of an animal to sense a magnetic field to perceive direction, altitude, or location. The most obvious example of this is when a bird flies south for the winter and is guided by the earth’s magnetic fields. This “sixth sense” is not only found in birds, but also in insects, fish, and mammals.

The HECS hunting suit has a carbon grid woven into it (like the one on your microwave door) that essentially acts as a Faraday cage for your body. That is, it blocks your body’s natural electromagnetic field so that animals are unable to detect you.


Certain animals rely on their ability to sense electromagnetic energy much more than others. For example, birds rely on it as a means of survival. It’s genetically hardwired into their system. Since they require it to survive, it’s much more pronounced in them than in mammals. That’s not to say that mammals don’t have the ability (they do), but it’s not as strong or as fine-tuned as a bird’s.

So what does this mean for you? Since birds rely more heavily on this sixth sense, you’ll be able to get closer to them. Mammals, on the other hand, rely more on their sense of smell. They still use this sixth sense to detect predators, but it’s in conjunction with their other senses.

You may still get sniffed out, but it won’t be because they detected your electromagnetic field. It will most likely be because of your scent, but we’ll address that in the second half of this article.

It’s worth noting that many hunters swear they’re undetectable by mosquitoes when they’re wearing the suit. It goes without saying that a natural mosquito repellent is a huge quality of life.


Not only is the HECS hunting suit effective at blocking electromagnetic frequencies, but it’s also extremely versatile and unique in its design.

The ultra-lightweight HECS Stealthscreen fabric consists of carbon yarn sewn into soft polyester, creating a comfortable, breathable material that effectively blocks your body’s EMF. Paired with two choices of camouflage, the ‘Green System’ and the ‘Anywhere System’, you’ll go virtually undetected when you’re out in the field. It comes with a pair of pants, a long sleeve shirt, and a headcover – essentially camouflaging your entire body.

The pants have a high quality elastic waistband, as does the shirt’s collar and sleeve cuffs. The cuffs have stitched thumb holes, which are great for keeping your hands warm in colder weather. The adjustable headcover also does a great job at keeping you warm, but it’s also breathable and light enough that it can be worn in warmer weather as well.

Because of its form-fitting design and its lightweight Stealthscreen fabric, the HECS hunting suit is perfect either as a base layer or as an outer shell. You have complete freedom.


  • Small: Waist: 28-31” | Chest: 34-37”
  • Medium: Waist: 31-34” | Chest: 37-40”
  • Large: Waist: 34-37” | Chest: 40-44”
  • X-Large: Waist: 37-40” | Chest: 44-48”
  • 2X-Large: Waist: 40-43” | Chest: 48-52”
  • 3X-Large: Waist: 43-46” | Chest: 52-56”
  • 4X-Large: Waist: 48-52” | Chest: 58-60”
  • 5X-Large: Waist: 52-56” | Chest: 62-64”

Care Instructions

  1. Machine washable
  2. Hang dry or dry on low heat
  3. Hand wash and hang dry headcover

Other Products


Extinct or Alive host Forrest Galante on Joe Rogan talking about his experience with the HECS hunting suit and the effect it has on mosquitoes and wildlife:

Raised Hunting TV founder David Holder gives his HECS testimonial:

YouTuber ‘Florida Bullfrog’ shares his experience with an unsuspecting doe:

Key Features
Blocks EMF produced by your body
Two camouflage patterns
Breathable material
Can be worn as a base layer or an outer layer
Stops mosquitoes

Material: 94% Polyester, 6% Conductive Carbon
Camouflage Patterns: Green System, Anywhere System
Sizes: Small – 5XL


It’s no secret that ScentLok has its fair share of skeptics – and understandably so. If ScentLok can control odor just by wearing their apparel, then it’s a game-changer.

Let’s get the million dollar question out of the way right now: Does it work?

The answer is yes, it works. And we’ll show you how.

How It Works

ScentLok uses several technologies to eliminate odor, but the main one is through the use of activated carbon. It’s universally considered by scientists to be the most effective odor adsorbent. (adsorb vs absorb)

Activated carbon resembles a sponge, in that it’s filled with millions of porous crevices that attract and hold odor molecules. The odor molecules attach themselves to the inner walls or the pores, where they remain trapped until the carbon is “reactivated”.

Reactivation occurs when the garment is thrown in the dryer. The heat from the dryer energizes the odor molecules so that they break free from the carbon, allowing the garment to be effective the next time you use it.

In addition to activated carbon, ScentLok also uses treated carbon, zeolite, gold, and silver in some of their products.

Treated carbon is created through a proprietary process where they modify their activated carbon in order to target specific odors.

Zeolite adsorbs some smaller odor molecules better than carbon, but it’s not as effective as a primary adsorbent. It is, however, great in conjunction with activated or treated carbon.

Gold and silver particles are permanently bonded to the fabric on some of ScentLok’s garments in order to eliminate odors. The silver particles attack bacteria and destroy odors while the gold particles prevent odor molecules from clinging to the fabric.


Now that we know ScentLok’s technology is backed by science, let’s take a look at how effective it is and what it means for you.

In order for ScentLok gear to be effective, every part of your body needs to be covered. That means you need pants, a jacket, a headcover, gloves, and even a ScentLok backpack. No part of your body should be exposed.

You may see some skeptics claiming that ScentLok doesn’t work. That’s because they failed to use it properly. You can’t expect to hide your scent by just wearing a jacket or a pair of pants. Every part of your body needs to be covered in order for ScentLok’s technology to be effective.

Once you’ve got all your gear, you’ll never have to hunt the wind again. Not having to worry about your scent and which direction the wind is blowing is a huge advantage. Spots that you’d never dream of hunting are now opened up.


ScentLok does not sell an all-in-one hunting suit so you’ll have to assemble one yourself. For convenience, we put together a gear list for warm weather, as well as one for cold weather.

Warm Weather Gear Kit

Cold Weather Gear Kit


John Eberhart of www.deeranddeerhunting.com gives an honest review of ScentLok gear:

Youtuber ‘G2 Outdoors’ reviews ScentLok’s 2019 line and says that even without the activated carbon technology, ScentLok’s products are extremely high quality and well worth it:

Key Features
Activated carbon technology
Eliminates body odor so you don’t have to hunt the wind
Large selection of ScentLok products
Very durable build and high quality materials
Several camouflage patterns

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is HECS hunting suit a hoax?

The HECS hunting suit works and is backed by science. It is not a hoax.

How do I reactivate ScentLok clothing?

ScentLok clothing is reactivated by putting it in the dryer on high heat. The heat energizes the odor particles trapped in the carbon, which releases them and allows the garment to be effective the next time you use it.

Can deer sense magnetic fields?

Deer use their ability to sense magnetic fields in order to avoid predators.

How do you wash a HECS suit?

The HECS hunting suit can be washed in a washing machine and either hang dried or thrown in the dryer on low heat.


So which one should you buy? Well, it really depends on your budget and what you value most.

If money isn’t an issue, the most effective would be a combination of both products. You would wear the HECS suit as a base layer with ScentLok gear on top of it. That way, all your bases are covered.

If you’re on a tight budget, then the HECS hunting suit would be the most affordable option. In order for ScentLok to be effective, it requires your entire body to be covered with their gear, which can add up quickly.

If it’s simply a question of which one works better, then that is entirely dependent on what you value most when hunting. Don’t mind hunting the wind but want that extra advantage? Then HECS is your best bet. Tired of hunting the wind and want to hunt spots you were never able to because you were worried about your scent? Then ScentLok would be the obvious choice.

Hopefully this article gave you a better understanding of what each of these products do. Whichever one you decide to go with, you’ll have a huge advantage out in the field.