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Warnock Hersey Wood Stove Manuals, Parts, & Models

First thing’s first, WARNOCK HERSEY IS NOT A WOOD STOVE BRAND– they are a Canadian quality-control company that tests the safety of fireplaces, wood stoves, pellet stoves, and similar products.

To find out the brand of your wood stove, locate the nameplate on the back. Ignore the Warnock Hersey ‘WH’ logo and try to find another logo with a brand name.

If there’s no other logo to be found, then look for a model number. Ignore any numbers that start with ‘WH’, as that relates to Warnock Hersey’s certification process and has nothing to do with identifying your stove. Please refer to the image above for an idea of where your stove’s model number might be.

Once you’ve found the model number, write it down or take a picture of it with your phone.

If you’re looking for wood stove parts, then eBay has a huge selection of replacement parts for all kinds of stoves and fireplaces.

If you’re looking for your wood stove’s manual, then type your model number into a search engine, followed by the word ‘manual’, and it should show up on your stove manufacturer’s website.